A 2nd edition, re-titled and re-printed of the well-received book:


This reprinted edition has a revised text and an increased to 105 pages of carbines and other illustrations in full colour. The 2nd edition is also a hard back to provide a more robust volume.  

As with the previous volume, which is now out of print, this is a book for collectors and shooters covering the large number of military style carbines, still in existence, which carry private proof marks from London or Birmingham and were not issued by the Board of Ordnance. These carbines were made for private sale to volunteers, officers, police, prison service, The East India Company, overseas military and many others.

The book covers the political and economic conditions under which such carbines were made together with a categorisation of the carbines into groups based on the style and operation. The main and most important part of the book, however, is a photo gallery with colour illustrations of carbines from 1750 to 1900.

The photo gallery has been prepared, not with the well-known photos from The Tower, Royal Armouries or The National Army Museum. Rather I have searched out the carbines that you will find at Arms Fairs, Auctions, Dealers Catalogues & Private Collections. These are mostly not Museum Quality (although some are exceptional quality) but the style and condition of carbines that you will come across in the real world.

The revised book is A4 size (21cm x 29.7cm), hard back volume with 165 pages having full colour illustrations.

The book includes a photo gallery with over 100 different carbines, including several rare types, such as flintlock breech loading carbines on the Crespi and Sartoris principles. Also, a rare muzzle loading spear carbine by Gully and rifled flintlock carbines by Nock and Baker as well as smoothbore flintlock carbines of Eliott and Heavy Dragoon patterns. There are seven non Ordnance Paget carbines including rare musket bore variants from Mexico and New Zealand. New to this volume are Portuguse carbines made from imported British parts.

Also included are many percussion carbines together with capping breech loading carbines by Calisher & Terry and Westley Richards and patented CBL actions by Hughes, Prince, Green Bros and Mont Storm. As well as Snider and Martini Henry carbines there are variant patterns by Alexander Henry, Swinburn and Westley Richards. Finally to takes us to 1900 a Lee Enfield carbine by the LSA Co.



PART 1 Historical Background

Chapter 1 Volunteers

Chapter 2 The East India Company and Indian regiments

Chapter 3 Colonial Conflicts

Chapter 4 The London and Birmingham Gun Trade

PART 2 Carbine Photo Gallery

With photographs of over 100 carbines including:

Flintlock breech loading carbines on the Sartoris and Egg/Crespi principle

Spear carbine by Gully, Eliott style carbines, Paget carbines by Egg, Purdy & others

Rifled carbines by Nock & Baker

Rare patent carbines by Green, Hart, Prince & Hughes

Lovell style, Enfield, Calisher & Terry, Westley Richards, Snider, Martini and many others

PART 3 Carbine Patterns

Chapter 5 Flintlock Carbines

Chapter 6 Carbines of the East India Company and Indian Regiments

Chapter 7 Percussion Muzzle Loaders

Chapter 8 Capping Breech Loaders

Chapter 9 Cartridge Breech Loaders

Chapter 10 Gun Collecting


1. Non Ordnance Carbine Data Base

2. Irregular Indian Cavalry Regiments

3. Volunteer and Yeomanry Cavalry by County 1794 - 1802

4. Fencible Cavalry formed in 1794

5. List of Light Horse and Mounted Rifle Volunteers after 1860