Fellow Collectors,  together with two colleagues I’m starting a new book project. This has the working title ‘British Ordnance Pistols’ and will cover single shot pistols from the early 18th century until the end of single shot Ordnance, percussion pistols in the mid 19th century.


     Work on the book is proceeding well and we have the Sea Service chapter in draft with text and pictures. This will probably be the largest chapter with 23 pistols to date. We are debating whether to include the Customs & Coast Guard pistols in this chapter or leave them as a stand alone chapter.

     We also have a first draft of the Land Service Heavy Dragoon chapter and we have been lucky enough to obtain photos of the rare patterns 1704 and 1730 pistols. This will probably be the second largest chapter.

     We have also almost finished the New Land chapter with all the photos assembled and the text underway.

     We have finished the first draft of the Dublin Castle pistols although we still can't pin down if and where these pistols were proved with various theories flying about and we are currently contacting experts in Ireland who might have an opinion. The big problem is lack of records as most were destroyed in the various 'troubles' over the years.

     Light Dragoon pistols and Percussion are next on the list to be tackled, although we have all the photographs assembled in draft chapters.

     Barring any major problems, we are confident of hitting our publication target of October 2019. Unfortunately, at this stage, we can't give any details of total number of pages or a likely cost for the book. However, if  anybody would like to express interest in this new book for early purchase please let us know by emailing, below.

Regards, Barry Chisnall

Author: British Non Ordnance Carbines 1750-1900 and with Geoff Davies

British Cavalry Carbines & Pistols of the Napoleonic Era