The following carbines are offered for sale. Photos are available in the pdf link below.

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Due to the difficulty and very high cost of shipping firearms to North America we can only accept enquiries and purchases from UK customers

Double Barrel Carbine by Swinburn & Son, 1853 Marked to the Scinde Irregular Horse   £1,800

1880 Martini Henry Mk 1 Cavalry Carbine, De-activated Martini Henry cavalry carbine marked to the North Devon Yeomanry   £550

c1795 Gully Spear Carbine,  Rare, museum quality, experimental carbine, proposed to arm sergeants and other ranks to replace the bayonet and give foot soldiers a longer reach. 28in barrel with London Gunmaker proof marks and a 28.5in spear mounted under the barrel. A limited number, made by Joseph Gully, Oxford Street, London were produced for trials. This carbine was the second in the series and has a crowned No2 engraved on the butt tang. [This carbine is also illustrated in 'British Non Ordnance Military Carbines 1750-1800, on page 47] £ 7,750