Fellow Collectors,  together with two colleagues I’m starting a new book project. This has the working title ‘British Ordnance Pistols’ and will cover single shot pistols from the early 18th century until the end of single shot Ordnance, percussion pistols in the mid 19th century.

With detailed colour photographs and descriptive text including dimensions and any special features we will describe heavy and light dragoon pistols, sea service and coast guard pistols produced by or for the Ordnance as well as at Dublin Castle.

As with previous books, the success of the project depends on being able to obtain high quality photographs of pistols held by dealers, auction houses museums and collectors. We are, therefore, appealing to members of the forum to help us with our search for suitable images and data. We are already in a position to photograph most of the required patterns but need help with the following pistols:

Early Land Service and Cavalry pistols

Patterns 1703, 1715, 1719, c1722-1725, 1730

Pattern 1756 Life Guards Pistol

1740-1750 and c1750 Light Cavalry Pistol

1794 Light Dragoon Pistol with 10in barrel and extra flat lock

Royal Horse Artillery double barreled Pistol

Pattern 1842 percussion Pistol

Dublin Castle Pistols [the 3 Pistols below were recently offered for sale by Tortuga Trading and were featured in a previous book with low quality images]

Land service Heavy dragoon Pistol

c1760 Light Dragoon Pistol with belt hook

Royal Forresters Pistol

Coast guards & Customs Pistols

Customs & Revenue pattern 1839

If you have any of the above pistols then I can send you a Specification Form which will guide you through data and photographs required.

If you think you may have one of the above but are not sure then email us a few photos and we will identify the pistol.

In addition to the above request we would be interested to know if any collectors have information on manufacture and proof of pistols and long guns at Dublin Castle during the 18th century.

Regards, Barry Chisnall

Author: British Non Ordnance Carbines 1750-1900 and with Geoff Davies

British Cavalry Carbines & Pistols of the Napoleonic Era